My bike is going riding but I am not

Here I am thinking last night, "I have not ridden in weeks" No time unfortunately, out of town, business, kids soccer games etc. I look at my bike when I pull in every evening and it wants to speak to me, but I have neglected it. I know it is pissed off. This morning I get a call from my buddy Robert. He has just ordered a 2001 yz426. Won't have it until November. He requests the use of my WR. I am hesitant. Do I allow him to ride crash and burn then repair my jewel. He is a good rider, but you know it is one of those personal things. I think about it, then say yes. Not for his sake but for my bikes sake. It is yearning to go instead of getting cobwebs. It answered with an astounding roar, 2nd kick. I knew she was ready. Unfortunately for me no ride, fortunately for the bike a ride in trees, fresh air and good fun. I must be losing it. I at times have to live vicariously through this forumn and through my bikes memories without me. I need a good Nor Calif ride soon. Stoneyford, Elkins flat, Mammoth Bar, anywhere SOON. :)

Mike in Roseville


98 WR, IMS tank, seat combo, white bros E series, FMF power bomb head pipe, Pro Tapers, stock timing. other minor stuff.

Hey mike, I know what you mean , now that we have had some rain I must get out ! I'm going to try to ride forest hill on sunday don't know for sure , but we'll see


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