Popping on Deceleration

After playing around with the fuel screw and the idle knob for the best idling I now have a constant popping on deceleration.

Read a couple of threads about it and general consensus seems to be its harmless, but what causes it and is it really harmless?


Mine (2004) does that only if the exhaust flange is loose, so it it draws fresh air into the exhaust on decelaration.

it is either that exhaust gasket between the header and silencer is out of place or it is running a little lean

Mine always does just before it runs out of fuel. So, I would go with the lean fuel issue. JMO

Lean. The exhaust gasses accumulate in the exhaust and THEN fire (pop) after enough volatile gasses have gathered in the pipe, whereas normally the spent gasses are rich enough to combust continuously.

What pilot you running? Try a 48.

How bad is the pop? If it's just a little popping, that's normal and expected. If it's sounds like a cannon going off, contrarily to popular belief, it may be running too rich. This causes unburned fuel to explode in the header.

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