riding area... not Moab

Hi there...

well, how do you compete with slickrock and good buds getting together? ya can't.. but here's a diversion...

This shows off one of the riding areas around Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

More pics will be added soon :)


Did we mention we are all coming to Calgary next summer to ride eh?

I'm serious! We are already starting to talk about plans!


Neil, one of the tapes that I took to record the Moab event had some footage of riding in the Hunter Valley area...just a few miles South of Burnt Timber! We all watched it one night in Moab, and may have some visitors next summer as a result.

Keep posting the pics to keep these guys motivated!!

Randy (also in Calgary)


get some of those pics on the web or better yet send out that movie - I need ammo to convince the wife to make the trip.


WR folks coming up to this area! well, hopefully by then I can keep up with a bunch of experienced dirt guys.

I am planning shoot some helmet cam stuff this weekend of the Burnt Timber area. Hopefully mid-next week I'll post some clips.

damn.. it sounds like fun :D It's a good thing I decided to keep the blue beast after a low-usage springtime. Now I am hooked. I'll have it next year when the crowd shows up. We'll have to see if we can convince Mitch to leave winter and come up.

Now if these guys want to haul up their street bikes as well, we could dice it up through Highwood pass for an afternoon of highspeed empty highway. There's nothing like a little sustained 150 - 180kph (95 - 110MPH) to keep your blood flowing :D I love coming south out of the summit at 225 - 260kph :D watching out for cows of course. :D

At this site (my home server)

is a clip called Hiwood_short.mov and it's some helmetcam stuff of going through the pass with a bud on a YZF750. It's 6 mintues and 270 meg big. :D sorry for all you guys on dial-up. There's also some clips of me going slow on the WR as well. :)

I'm slowly getting faster...


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