hot cams shim kit?

I have a 2004 wr450f and i will be doing the valve clearances soon and was wondering if the "Hot Cams valve shim kit" uses the same shims as what are already in my bike? so i can just buy the kit instead of going to a dealer and having all that down time? thanks

ps, my bike is setup for street supermoto and i want more top end power does the yz cam mod make a big difference?

Any 9.48mm shim will work on the the big bore thumpers like the WR 450f and a few of the small bore trail pigs like the TT-R 250 and the DR-Z 250. The Jap 250fs (YZf, WR, RM-Z, KX-F, CRF/R, and CRF/X) all use the 7.48mm shims.

thanks for the info

I have a hot cams refill kit shim sizes 1.80 - 2.05 (5 of each) I purchased it for my YZ426 because the local dealer did not have a 2.00 shime

I paid $35 for the kit and will sell them all for $25.00 + shipping

You could then buy another refill kit sizes 1.50 - 1.75 and have the whole kit for less

PM me if you are interested


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