synthetic oil

I have been using a synthetic oil (rock oil) and was wondering if anybody can tell me if they like/dislike synthetic oils. I don't have much experience in 4-stroke engin oils but want to take care of my baby. any input will be very usefull . thanks


Oh man, did you open a can of worms!!! You are going to get about a hundred different recommendations on what type of oil to use. My take is this, use quality oil(synthetic or semi, or mineral based) and change it as often as possible. I would also change the filter at every change and clean the strainer every other change, more often when new. In my opinion, that's the key to long life.

Most synthetic oils have slightly different properties than regular oil. If memory serves, synthetic tends to offer lower friction while regular oil acts more like a shock absorber between things like gears where they make contact. That's why so many blends are available, they offer more or less of the properties of each.

As for changing your oil as often as possible, the government spent a lot of money to research what effect frequency of oil changes has on engines. They discovered that no damage occured to the engine even when you ran the oil twice as long as recommended. Change in on schedule and you should be fine under normal conditions. If you race you may want to change it more often if for no other reason that to see if metal filings are showing up in the filters. It's cheaper to fix a bike before a major engine failure than after.

I use a blend but that's my choice. Just make sure the bike is well broken in before going to a real slick synthetic or the break in period will be extended and the bike's performance will suffer while it's still tight.

i try to stay away from full synthetic just because wr's have a wet clutch. my friend used car synthetic, and his bike wouldn't move the clutch slipped so bad. ive learned to just buy motorcycle oil from any reputable motorcycle oil maker-regular, semi or full. whichever co.'s marketing scheme works on you.

Mobil Oil has an informative site that explains why to stay away from oils (synthetic or not) containing friction modifiers as they may cause clutch slippage. I've been using Mobil One 4-stroke with good results, however, if I had to change my oil as often as a racer, I'd go broke. Keep it clean and full- last long time. Have fun! :)

"synthetic oil (rock oil)"?

I thought "rock oil" was oil that came from the ground (drilled thru rocks to get it) or mineral oil.

Synthetic oil is man-made. (not from the ground)

Did I miss something?

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