Howard Huge, I need that part number!


You mentioned you had the part number for the moose bar mounts that work with the Cycras.

Well, sure as sh**, I need it. I washed out in the sand the last day at Moab and that bar mount link snapped in half.

On a side note, it was great to meet you and Mike and even better to ride with you. Had a great time, hope to do it again sometime soon.

Dougie hows the leg? You're going to have to give me a day or so but I will get the part # you need. What a shitty deal great hand guards with that weak link holding it all together.

Howard ?Normal?

Is the name change a sign of winter coming? So do you go by Howard "Small" in the dead of winter when its dang near freezing? How was Moab Howard? Sorry I missed it. Did you see the rides posted for November to Stoneyford and maybe Elkins with Monty?

I thought it was changed to Howard Medium?


How about 'Howard Runt' or 'Howard Fast-Little-$hit' :)


Howard anything but normal,Huge. Riding in Nov. Hmmmmm.. lets see recent rain, no dust, mud to throw at your buddies,damn strait i'm riding the sooner the better Hollister Hills is having a Hare Scrambles Sat. the 14th at the upper ranch we will be staging at the G.P Track, any takers? Dougie still workin on that Part # :)

Dougie, the inner bar mount is in the Parts Unlimited Book part# M608 and is $29.95 retail and are made by Moose.

Thanks Howard. Guess what I got in the mail today? The new Moose catelog and guess what it had in it?

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