WR/YZ swap

Guys I just purchased both the 07 Yz and 07 WR....Wr will be motarded....I have also bought a full Drd exhaust and Jd jet kit for the Yz.....I have the AIS removal kit from TT and was going to put the full stock exhaust from the Yz on the Wr....My question is do you think the stock yz jetting would be just about right for the Wr after i did the usually mods, grey wire, airbox and throttle stop...If so i m pulling both bikes apart today and this would be a great time to switch the jetting.....HELP.......thanks guys

If history has repeated itself, the YZ carb is different than the WR's, namely the lack of an ACV. You'll need to jet the WR per its needs...check the database for a good benchmark...SC

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