Moab was a hoot!

I made it back relatively safe and sound. I had a great time as I always do out there. And I think I can speak for all those who attended that they too enjoyed themselves immensely.

I have the usual scrapes, bruises, soreness and bike damage that I get from Moab. I met some GREAT guys. Swapped a lot of stories and info. I saw some pristine condition bikes that did not look so pristine after the week. I was witness to some terrific riding (some of it even done by myself) and some spectacular getoffs (some of them even done by myself).

While CA and CO were well represented, they came from all over. Kevin from New Hamphshere came the farthest but the Canucks drove the farthest, 18 hours, and convinced us that the next years rally should be held up in Canada. Their helmet cam presentation of Canadas terrain stole the show. Their helmet cam was also a hit after riding Moab then vieing it afterwards.

I found a riding buddy in Harold in So. Cal. And ejoyed watching Howard Huge, Kerry T. and Polo attempt things no one else would. I was one of only 4 riders to attempt the crack. And I was the only one of four riders to fall after attempting the crack. All in all, I think a lot of guys suprised themselves with their riding prowess on that terrain.

Me and Jake were nearly pancacked by an 18 wheeler after T boning each other on the highway in a severe case of mis-information as to what trail we were heading to.

Help was all around when needed. Everyone pithed in to help out their fellow riders. There were good vibes all weekend long. The important part of the weekend, no one was hurt. A few bikes were banged up, but no one was hurt. I think John from CO put it best when he showed up with blue hair (however, he did tell us it was a mistake and tried all weekend to get it out to no avail).

The only down side to the whole weekend was there was no Mitch. Hence, adding fuel to the myth that he does not exist. I'm sure there will be many strories and pictures to come as everyone returns home. Wish you all could have been there.


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

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sounds brilliant dougie.

i bet we're going to hear a lot more about what you did.

it's good that the web has led to some hard copy!

Glad to hear you had a great time down there Doug!

Chris and I have been planning on this trip for the past few months along with everyone else, but plans change and things come up. Our little brother got home from a two year mission in South Korea on that Friday, so we felt that had a little priority. We sure wish he could've come home a few days earlier so he could make the Moab trip with us and meet all you boys. There's always a nextime isn't there?

Looking forward to it!

Be sure to post some good pics, and talk the Canadians into posting their helmet cam footage so we can all enjoy your fantastic weekend in Moab!

Tim in Utah

Man, every time you guys go to Moab Dougie brags about crashing on the crack.

Do you have 'crack' hangup or what?

I am one for four. Yes, I am obsessed with it.

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