big gun exhaust

does anybody have a big gun exhaust full system on their bike? what are your oppinions of them? i have a 2003 YZ450F and am considering the big gun evo limited full system. they are reasonablely priced, but i cant seem to find out much about them.

does anybody have this exhaust on anything?

I posted and it seems it got deleted...:thumbsup:

i noticed that and emailed TT about it. i saw posts on other threads deleted after site maintenence the other day. how much did you pay for your pipe? i found a full system for my 03 for $299 but cant find a for sure part number for my bike. i want to make sure this pipe fits before i spend $ on it.

I paid about $250 for the full system. Is big gun saying the pipe will fit your bike? Because if they say it'll fit, it will fit. I have the evo limited too and it was no problem installing. I'm thinking my post was deleted because big gun is a sponser on TT and a couple of my comments were negative so someone up top said NOPE and deleted my post.

the problem im having is the ebay auction says itll fit but i can not find a part number on big gun's web site. i emailed big gun tuesday but have not heard back yet.

Yea dude, it'll fit. That is how it was when I got mine off ebay. It is because it is an older model. When I got mine off ebay it looked like it had been a floor model or something because it had some scratches but for the price I wasnt upset...just fyi. I've been in contact with them too, they take a while to get back to you but are pretty helpful once they do. They will even sell you accessory parts a bit cheaper too if you tell them what you have and where you got it. I think they have a deal with that guy on ebay.

thanks for the help Maximus. i was starting to wonder about it being older as well. makes sense why i cant find it anywhere.

well i bought the pipe. so we'll see how it looks and sounds. fingers crossed.

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