Bryan, Kerry, Jake, Howard and other Tall Goons

Last night I lowered the footpegs as detailed in this month’s Dirt Rider and everything went fine. Just putting around I can feel the difference, roomier and standing up is that much less work. There also seems to be a benefit if you have overgrown dogs (like my 13s) in that the shift lever/brake pedal is closer to your toe, where it should be.

I will copy the pertinent text from the rag below, with credit going to Ed Tripp of Palmdale, CA (the author):

“....Remove the footpegs from the bike, and take a look at them. The peg has a barrel cast in. The outside of the barrel supports the return spring, and the hole in the center of the barrel is where the mounting pin passes through. Use a hacksaw to carefully cut that barrel off as close to flush as possible. Remount the pegs with the barrel on top of the pegs. You’ll need to swap the return springs side to side so they will work on top of the peg. Install the footpeg pins with new cotter pins….”

The only drawback I can see is the kickstarter knob thing to footpeg ramp no longer lines up, so a divot will be worn in the kickstarter over time.

No welding is required and the pegs can be returned to stock by putting the barrel on the bottom and swapping the springs back.


Yeah, who are you calling a goon? I'm always getting grief for being 6'4", 250# but I felt right at home around Jake, Kerry T, Bryan & Howard Medium.

I'm going to give the foot peg thing a try.

On another note - I switched from Thumper +1" bar risers to Thumper +1.5" bar risers before going to Moab (in order to run my Scotts damper) & I could notice the difference in comfort in the few miles I rode my WR at Moab.


I figured I could call you a goon as I followed you around for seven hours on Saturday (couldn't miss me, big, gooney looking, blue hair :) ) I guess I didn't even think to look at the other bikes (Bryan, Jake and Kerry T) to see if they had performed the footpeg mod. Well - gotta go -need to put washers in mine :D !!


Ed Tripp has a clever idea, however I can see one possible problem. I know Ed and race with him, and I don't want to discredit this mod, but...I was using Fastway titanium pegs, and one cracked all the way around the barrel right where you guys are cutting them. The pin got a severe bend in it because of the two piece peg. I only MX, and I don't recall hitting the peg on anything or crashing hard enough to break the peg and bend the pin. I figured the big jumps I do must have cracked it over time. Once it broke in two, I supposed the peg got bent from continued jumping. Luckily I noticed this before a more catastrophic failure and injury could occur.

So, if you don't jump big stuff, or slam big rocks trail riding, you will probably be ok with this mod. If you try it and like it, you could weld the barrel to the top of the peg for more security. I am also tall with long legs, and would like more room, but the YZF already has less ground clearance, and I bottom out the frame cradle all the time. The frame tubes are now 'dented' for more 'ground clearance'. I don't want my feet any closer to the ground, so I will have to be happy with the high seat foam.

BTW, I am no sasquatch at 6' and 165.

Scott F

Goons?!! Who you callin a goon?

Just because my knees double as radiator shrowds?

Thanks for the tip. The addition of a simple washer between the footpeg and the barrel will replace the material cut out by the hacksaw - keeping the new unit as tight as stock (credit to KerryT for this).

Now can you do anything about the amount of weight those bent knees have to support :)


Yeah, I did this at the beginning of the year and it has worked out great for me. It makes the sitting to standing transition much easier. Even if you don't like it, it's reversable! Like Jake said I stuck a washer in there to make it tight. You also have to adjust the shifter and rear break pedal and move them down.

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