Two wheel drive WR400 coming?

My dealer said that Yamaha was showing a hydraulically activated two wheel drive WR400 at a recent show in Germany, and that there was a lot of buzz surrounding it. Anyone else heard anything - I am tempted to just say "what the hell?"

Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider had an article on a 2wd YZ250 a few years ago - I think Ohlins put it together.


Belgarde Yamaha of France have had a factory project TT600 on test for 2 or 3 years. it apparently has the support of japan.

it has chain drive off the gearbox to a hydraulic pump just below the carb. two pipes feed into the front hub making it look like drum front brakes.

the report on it said the bike was already very good. Randy Mamola rode a 2wd at the guidon d'or about ten years ago-i think it was a husky?



i have seen a picture with the wr 400 f2. Looks a bit strange.

We will see..



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from TBM uk the following write up

Yamaha also chose the Munich show to debut their revolutionary all wheel enduro bike called the 2TRAC. Mystery surrounds the new 2 x 2 model which it's believed could be built in limited numbers (by belgarde in Italy) as early as next spring if customer reaction is positive.

the 2TRAC based on the new WR426F thumper features the fluid drive system developed by suspension manufacturer (& yamaha subsiduary) ohlins. the system uses a second sprocket on the output shaft to drive a hydraulic pump which pumps fluid via a flexible hose to the front hub, where a hydraulic motor drives the front wheel through a single gear.

comprehensive details of the new bike as well as a launch date & price are still tbc, but yamaha are claiming a dry weight of just 120kg for the 2x2 426F, which is believed to be an adventure sport trail bike rather than a serious enduro weapon-though who knows what it will get used for.


pullin dead battery havin drz's out of the mud! just one problem-if you want to change gearing you have two choices, change both countershaft sprockets or change rear sprocket and mabye one in the front wheel. i would think the tuning would be kinda limited. and just think if you landed off a jump on the front wheel with a stalled engine?hey, it could happen. couldn't it? also wouldn't you lose the "gyro effect" that bikes have now?

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No Bonez... a hydraulic pump drives the front wheel... and it would be simple to let the frontwheel "freewheel" when the ground was driving it...a bypass circuit with a checkvalve should do it.

The point of the whole thing is my question... I would think the only situation where it would be an advantage would be in really heavy slick mud.... in that case it would probably be so helpful it would be outlawed....any other time I don't see the point... the front wheel barely even has any weight on it except during braking.

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