Foot Peg Question

im getting a new set of foot pegs for my pig. im stuck between the ims pro gets which are 86 bucks and the tusk foot pegs which are 64 bucks. which would you go with? are tusk cheap

Have you looked into Fastways yet? Very nice :thumbsup:...SC

Go with the best looking pegs (strenght and grip wise) that you can find in your price range....

i have always had stock pegs so i have no experience with aftermarket pegs

I have the Powerpegz pivoting pegs which are great. A little pricey but help keep your feet on the pegs through technical stuff.


IMS Pro Pegs are very nice. I ended up changing them out for Fastway's with the lowering kit. The IMS pegs had much more grip, and if they offered a lowering kit I'd get it. But they don't.:thumbsup:

Pivotpegz are the best. IMS is good. Moose or White Bros also very good.

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