California Riders - Can You Help?

As you may or may not know, Wally and I are working very hard to fight for our right to ride here in California aganist the greenies. We are not leaving any stone unturned. We are contacting every organization including AMA, Blue Ribbon, manufacturers, dealers and so on. This requires an incredible amount of time. The greenies are well funded and very well organized. We believe they can be defeated with a little effort on our parts. We are looking for a few good men and women to help us out. If you would be willing to lend a little assistance and work with us it would be greatly appreciated. All we need is a network of folks across the state willing to make a few calls and send a few emails. In the next day or so I will provide a list of phone numbers and email addresses. Please reply to this post if you would be willing to lend a hand. Send me or WMcGRATH a PM so that we can get in touch with you. Thanks, Paul M.

Paul -

Our cause will compete for my time at work, home, soccer practice, kids school, etc, and Adelanto this weekend.........but I will help where I can.

I am around a computer most of the day, and I have full access to lots of computers, including Web and mail servers on the net if needed.


Paul as always let me know when,were and how!


"Let's Roll..."

While I'm not heavy on free time, I'll volunteer to help out somehow. If all you need is a few phone calls and emails, I think even my lazy ass can handle that. I even know a few dirtbikers out here in the 909 so perhaps I can enlist others as well.

Well, at least I'm brash enough to ask anyway... In fact, one of 'em is in the next cubicle over and I know he loves his bikes...yo scotty...

Okay...that's one...


Anything will help, an email, a phone call, or a letter. You can cut and paste the example below

in an email, or letter, or even in a phone call.

I think it's important to start with your State Assemblyman, sent him/her an email and follow up with a call. It only take a few minutes...

One of the current vacancies belongs to the Speaker of the Assembly. Within the next few days I hope to have a couple names of OHV individuals who are trying to win appointments to the commission. When I can verify this we will need to begin to

lobby hard on their behalf.


Dear Assemblyman XXXX

I am writing as an off-highway vehicle enthusiast to express my concern, and to bring to your attention, a troubling

situation that exits on the California State Off-Highway Vehicle Commission. One of the Commissioners,

Mr. Paul J. Spitler happens to also be the Executive Director of the California Wilderness Coalition.

The California Wilderness Coalition is vehemently opposed to OHV activities, and have filed numerous

lawsuits in an attempt to stop or greatly curtail OHV activities on State and Federal lands.

On February 8, 2002, the California Wilderness Coalition filed a lawsuit against the U. S. Forrest Service

over OHV activities at the Rock Creek OHV area within the El Dorado National Forrest near Georgetown.

On February 12th, four days after filing the lawsuit, Mr. Spitler sat on the State OHV Commission

and VOTED on a $560,000.00 Grant Fund request from the U. S. Forrest Service for the Rock Creek OHV area within the El Dorado National Forrest near Georgetown.

I am outraged to Mr. Spitler is a member of the OHV commission and involved in this obvious conflict of interest.

I am requesting that your office please help to restore some integrity to the OHV Commission. Individuals such as

Mr. Spitler do not serve the interest of the OHV community or bring balance the commission. His appointment was

an obvious attempt sabotage the interests of the OHV community.

I am also requesting that you help ensure that future appointments to the OHV Commission come from within the OHV

community or industry. I will be contacting you regarding appointment opportunities as they become available.

I would appreciate a response in this regard.

Thank You

Joe Fourstroke

xxxx street

city zip

(aaa) nnn-nnnn

Here's another way to help - by supporting organizations that step up to the plate for us such as the Desert Vipers. They have some online petitions to sign also.

Link to Desert Vipers Web Site

It takes 30 seconds to sign the online petition, so let's flood them with TT signatures !


You have my home email. Just let me know what I can do.

Sent email to Assemblyman Tom Harman and Gray Davis (yes, he is supposed to represent ALL of us!). Also a printed letter to Ca Senator Ross Johnson (he has no publicized email address). All on this specific subject, expressing outrage and suggesting specific solutions-VERY IMPORTANT. I know there will be others. Keep us posted.

Guys in states other than Ca, stay tuned. The enviro circus is coming to your town soon!


Throw out the address to mail the letter, Even though I live in Oregon, I ride in Cal occasionally. And spend everyother week here on biz. Any one thought about asking some high profile characters to get involved, like some pros, I am sure they could write a letter or have their business manager do it. They should be involved, and may bring some attention to the matter. Although all of us need to help in anyway possible. In fact we just lost a round of the WORCS in Oregon due to a land closure issue, a mx park on private land was not allowed to host the event it ran last year. And we also had an instance of the Audubon Society trespassing on private property / track area looking for endangered species in an effort to close down the track. I have also heard rumors that the green groups try this tactic to close down riding areas and sometimes ask for a "$ donation" and then will look the other way. i.e. not try to close down the area.

Post the addresses and I will write letters, 3 minutes of my time to help keep our sport alive is more than worth it.

I'll step up!

What can I do to help?


I can write and call. I am very busy with 4 kids and 30 employees but I do have time to call and write letters.

Thanks to you guys I had no idea the OHV commision members were that conflicting. Sheesh!

I am glad to fight for our freedom to ride-Off road.

SoCal, WRMike and everyone else...

For starters copy and paste the above letter into an email and send it to your Assembleman, State Senator, and to the Governor.

Only takes a few minutes...

And have everyone you know do the same thing, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, whoever.

Doesn't matter if they ride OHV's or not, we just need numbers...


I'll fire off as many e-mails as I can! And follow up with phone calls.


To all my riding brothers and sister,

I have copied and paste the letter. I will be sending out the letter to the names noted. If there are others that I should send the letter to, please email me at with who they are.

Keep up the fight !!!

Michael :)

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