WR lighting coil output??

Someone know how many watt a stock WR400 lighting coil can output??

Could be cheaper (and slimer)to swap YZ to WR ignition plate + rotor on an YZ426F dual-sport conversion project than buying "bulky" E-Line kit...

Is there any other concern that I should be aware of, on this swap??


The 2000 model has a 130 watt output which should be more thatn plenty for the dual sport conversion. As for its price viability, I have yet to see anyone whom could answer this question. Dan you are the man! Let us know the low down. I think you have to change stator assemblies and the flywheel. Voltage regulator? Looks like this is going to add up. Sure hope you are not considering a wide ratio tranny as well.



as far as price concern, on HSLM web site, 2000 WR400 base plate assembly is 169.98 + rotor assy 100.83 + voltage regulator 46.17, and we end up at 316.98 + stock looking + a saving of more than 170$ + Yamaha genuine reliability.....:-) choice is clear if it's really 130 watt

Dan, You may be able to get a 98/99 one cheaper, but remember they are 85watt, the 2000 is 135 watt.

I just purchased a 99 yzf and have come here looking for the same thing! So, can I put a WR stator on my 99yzf? Need to swap anything else? Have you tried yet?

As far as ignition plate and flywheel, i'm pretty sure they're interchangeable, both bike use same case and crank...but...

Last word....do the ignition cover are the exact same thing between WR an YZ???

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