The Mitch Myth

Was in Moab, and sure enough, turns out Mitch might not exist. Lots of storys (like a Greek God) but he was a no-show. Maybe we need to have faith in things hoped for but not seen. Has anyone really seen mitch, I'm not sure, but we will continue to have faith, for it give us hope that someday, if we remain faithful to the blue beast, we will in fact finaly see Mitch toasting us all with a smile saying "good ride boys, lets do it agian tomorrow-and ride forever!"

O he's real alright, sometimes (if you're really lucky) and hold the throttle open for longer than you've ever dared to before you may catch a glimpse of the one they call 'Mitch' just going over the horizon. Indeed I have been lucky and have made a few sightings of this mythical creature and lived to tell the tail, but many havn't, sucumming to the deadly right hand wrist lock with dire concequences. So be warned if you seek the one called 'Mitch' :):D

I don't believe it. Brian Meadows and Mike from Silicone valley say they have seen Mitch. But they might be heading the conpiracy.

Did anyone ever see that old Mash were Hawkeye made up a fake doctor, all the papers and everything, and even though he didn't exist and no one ever saw him, everyone claimed to know him because he was such a prominent doctor?

I think THAT is how Mitch was born.

By the way, I think Kevin is involved because he has a pretty convincing Ausie accent he has admitedly used on occasion.



You know, now that I think about it I was drinking the night I claim to have seen Mitch...............


G'day Mates,

I can neither confirm nor deny the existance of the one they call Mitch. You may not see the both of us in the same room however, at the same time.

If anyone is interested, I can give you Australian speech lessons. You never know when they can come in real handy...!!

Maybe Mitch was executed via "Boola Boola" at the hands of the island natives?..... :)

I heard he was voted "Off the Island" for being caught wearin stuff from Virginia's Secret under his riding gear........(just kidding!)

The real key to solving this mystery is to find out who has something to gain. Money, power, or simply a game played out to perfection by a twisted mad man. Personally I think the government is involved. Possibly a trick to get us together where they can catch us pushing some million year old dirt around, gather evidence, and later lock us up and force us to listen to environmental mind altering tapes until we finally commit to serve Green Peace. :)

The island drums are telling another tale that the warrior cheif Mitch may leave our great tribe for the 'huskymakegoodsewingmachine'tribe or even worse (brace yourself Taffy) the 'gasstapo-orange'tribe, which I've seen him fratinise with. Could he really leave us?

Or is this a cunning plan for total tribe domination?

Or does he want all the 'Victoria's Secrets' catalogs for himself? :):D

Even the thought of Mitch leaving the blue tribe puts a pit in my stomach, how could he? :) But then again if he is not real, why should it upset me. I am so confused.

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