Quick 05 wr450 question

How many turns out is the fuel/air screw stock? I bought the bike used I wanted to put it back to stock and work from there. Thx

I'm not sure how to answer this because I don't really understand the context of your question...

If the bike is running correctly, you don't want to turn the fuel screw to "somewhere else". The stock position is about 1 turn, is generally overly lean, and is if any jets have been changed in your carb, setting the fuelscrew to the "stock" position will pretty much ensure that the bike runs poorly.

If the bike just needs the pilot circuit adjusted properly, check out this sticky:


Best of luck!

Well, I messed with it a bit today (I haven't ordered my Zip Ty screw yet). I installed the GYTR AIS Removal kit, but I never changed the fuel/air screw. It ran good at 3000 ~ 7000 ft. No bog or anything. I just changed the fuel air screw today to about 2 1/8 turns. I took it for a spin and it ran CRISP but I could get the bike up in 3rd gear before I adjusted the fuel screw and It doesn't seem to want to come up that much now. :thumbsup: Maybe I'm just imagining things.

if the bike was rejetted, I believe 1 and 3/4 turn is sufficient.

For what elevation would that apply? Ive basically just done the free mods. My jetting is 165 main 48 pilot 4th position on the clip. The stock jetting runs great from 2500- 4500 ft. But it felt like it was a little rich so I adjusted the fuel screw. I haven't ridden it since then though.

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