bajadesigns turn sig. switch

can anyone with this kit tell me how the turn signal switch assy. fits on the bars with all the junk i have on there now? ie:clutch, decompression, kill switch, laptop?

Switch assy replaces stock kill switch. Fit mine without a problem.


I run the BD kit on my bike w/ProTapers. I installed a Works Connection clutch/decompression release perch in order to get enough room.


I have the full Baja Des. kit on my 99WR and actually took about 3/4 inch off the bars. The left side was a little tight, I had to rotate the decomp lever up to clear the bark busters.... Anyway it works fine and the BD kit will fit no problem. BTW, what do you do with your laptop, is it hard to clutch/brake and type at same time??? Maybe you could reply to this while on wheelie or bustin some big air???

thanks guys, i wasn't sure if it would fit. i was also looking at the works conn. lever combo but for about 50-75 more i should just get a juice clutch with the decomp built in too. oh, i have the keys embedded in the grips and a mouse in my pocket.

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