Help! Bike has no low end power

Had my carb checked out and cleaned recently

and ever since then it seems to be lacking

low end power-0-1/4 throttle

what are some things i should look for

any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, RFC

-Air leaks are the first thing.

-Check where your pilot screw is set at. (on the bottom of the float bowl) How many turns out? Write it down. Try turning it 1/4 turn out to see if it improves, then 1/4 turn in and compare. It may have been adjusted from where it was at originally. Out is richer - more fuel.

-Make sure the accelerator pump is working and that it is activating at near 1/8-1/4 throttle.

-Make sure no dirt got in anywhere during the cleaning. There are air jets on the intake side of the carb to check.

-Was the needle clip moved?

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