bar risers

I have tried a seach on this with no luck. I am trying to find some risers like I had on my DRZ. They raised the bar about an 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" and forward about an 1" or 1 1/8". I have an 07 wr so it has the 1 1/8" bar and mount. It is easy to find them if you have 7/8" top clamp mount but no luck finding them for 1 1/8" mount. Any help would be great thanks.

These are sweet. I have them on my snowmobile, not cheap though. website is


Those Rox riseres look interesting. Here are some different ones.

Thanks for the info, I might look into some taller bars as they might be less money than risers.

Try Bar risers online dot com.......

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