The Ride of My life This Year I Hope not

After coming within seconds of bleading to death last year do to a very bad high speed crash in which I broke all of my left ribs, punchered and collasped my left lung, bursted my splean, and fractured my scapula in two places--I'll be at it again on Friday and Saturday this week.

I will be back to Mammoth Ca and riding the Dick Allen Sierra Safari and hopefully this year I will finish the event and not in the ER! I'v had the flu all week and the first ride day is Friday the 13th, wonderful!!

I have definitely slowed down my riding pace during the past few months and hopefuly by using my head I will get this ride behind me so I can get on with life as its been in the back of my mind for a very long painfull time.

I would like to thank Bryan personally for establishing the forum, a personal get away for me. During some intense times while recovering last year this forum was a real treat for me and one of the few things I had to look forwared to each day. I'ts hard to find many people who truly are into this sport for the long haul and who have similar interests and understanding. But you all are here and when a rider is down this is a great place to visit.

Will be reporting on the ride next week and if I get a chance to snap a few photos will post those also.


Clark, glad to hear you are getting back into the swing of things. I sort of know how you feel. I had lumbar back surgery a little over 3 months ago and my first ride will be the 3rd week of October. I haven't been on my bike for 4 months. It has been very, very hard. I too look forward to this forum and check it first thing in the morning when I get to work. I'm wondering psychologically how my injury and surgery will affect how I ride. I'm still pretty cautious of what I do however; I'm in much, much better shape than I have been in a while in an effort to ward of any further injuries. Riding smarter sounds like a good idea, at least for a little while. Good luck to you and thanks for the advise about the MegaMax II.

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Clark, After 2 ER visits and having crushed bits of a wood splinters removed from my temple this year, I'd also like to pause and reflect. I too would like to thank you Clark, Bryan, and others for making this site a great place to come and talk with other enthusiastic riders.

Life is short so ride safe and have fun. Hope everyone's next ride is the best one ever.


Good luck Clark and thanks.

It became even more clear to me over the weekend after meeting so many TTalkers just how much we have in common. Every time I meet someone from this forum, we all get along great and have fun riding together.

It certainly is a support group for injured riders and also for everyone that rides in general.

Only here do we all understand the reasons why we ride.

Can't wait to see your pictures (although I'm quite a bit behind on posting them) and stay healthy this time.


The Sierra Safari out of Mammoth Ca. was outstanding this year due to two nights of snow before we arrived on Thursday. This really cut down on the dust, a real problem normally on this ride. The Friday ride was about 102 miles and some out standing views with snow caped mountains all around. Thursday night it was about 19 degrees as a low and the ride on Friday a little cool but great. I had one get off but no damage except pride.

The Saturday ride was 78 miles and what a great ride as the last 30 were in and out of the snow, not bad snow but just enough to keep your attention. We were riding in loam and super traction stuff--this was a great riding outing. No get offs on Saturday a clean ride start to finish.

The hosted bar and dinner (part of the deal along with hoted accomodations) were also execellent Saturday evening. Nobody got seriously injured and only two mechanical breakdowns over two days and a 105 riders.

My wife accompanied me and she had a excellent time with the VISA card at the Mammoth oulet stores and also some shopping at near by June Lakes.


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