Greasing your WR450

Pressure washer is fine. I recommend it. Best thing since sliced bread.

Use common sense, just don't blast around bearing seals and o/x-ring chain.

Pressure washer is fine. I recommend it. Best thing since sliced bread.

Use common sense, just don't blast around bearing seals and o/x-ring chain.

Thank you, I have used a pressure washer for over 20 years and never had a problem. The cleaner you get your bike the better and it will count the most when you you have to tear it down and the dirt is totally gone.:thumbsup:

I agree with the NEVER USE A PRESSURE WASHER idea. If you are extremely careful, you can get away with it but it only takes a slip and you can force water/dirt into places where it can do a lot of damage. I bought my bike from a pressure washing owner and there was water and mud inside the rear shock and mixed with fork oil. It only takes a passing glance past a chain to put water inside the o-rings and then a chain doesn't last much longer once the grease is replaced with water. I found evidence of water intrusion every time I opened something up.

I now use just a garden hose and a little scrubbing. It takes a little longer but my bike is much happier. For me, after seeing what it does, it is no longer worth the risk of using a pressure washer.


Pressure washing keeps bearing manufacturers in business.

Well, I finally took apart my steering stem, and the steering head bearings are rusted very badly. Looks like the original grease didn't last too long. I'm not comlaining, this bike has given me many many miles of smiles. I do NOT pressure wash, but water or moisture still finds its way in. Next is the swingarm and linkage (probably wasted too).

grease your spindles

grease your spindles

Can you elaborate?

Just grease everything!

I regrease my bikes about every 6 months.

BTW, I never have any water in the seals and i pressure wash my bikes! :thumbsup:

I just changed my steering head bearings and races this afternoon. The ones I took out lasted seven years of riding/cleaning just about every weekend. No pressure washing except for a period of about three months a couple of years ago which made me have to put new bearings in most of the suspension linkages and both wheels.

Japanese directions on lubing bearings at the factory;

1. Stick finger in grease.

2. Wipe finger on towel.

3. Rub residue on bearing/race.

Since the late '70's I've disassembled and greased (notice I didn't say re-greased) every bearing on the chassis of every Japanese bike, dirt or street, that I have purchased. It still shocks me when I pull one apart and see how little grease is in them. I couple hours work will save you a Buttload (alot) of cash and grief.

Anybody ever seen a step by step tutorial containing photographs for greasing the Steering Head and greasing the wheel bearings? I know the manual is good, but I have more confidence if I have another step by step procedure to follow.

I think that Steering head and my wheel bearings are the next major endeavour. I have to get psyched up for it.


You just have to strap on the "Big Balls" and do it after you are done you will wonder what the fuss was about.:cheers::bonk::lol:

This job is actully better done with a little help ( not genius help just extra hands, Your wife will do) because when you remove that top triple clamp it is pretty easy for the forks and wheel to get away from you (unless you tear apart all that stuff first):thumbsup:

When you finnish be sure and tell your wife how you are the "Man":banana: :thumbsup::busted:

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