Up a sand creek without a paddle

I ride a wr450 primarily in the mountains on single track trails. I do however have friends that ride in the dunes alot. My riding lifestyle can't justify buying a paddle (it's a pain to change my tire for just one day of riding, and can't afford a seperate rim for the paddle). Is it worth riding in dunes without a paddle on a 04 wr450, or should I just forget it unless I get a paddle. Does anyone ride dunes without paddles on a wr450? Sure the most logical answer would be to take my bike to the dunes and try it out, but I don't wanna spend a day riding my buddies bikes because mine can't manage the sand without the paddle. Any input?

you can ride with out a paddle, you just won't be as quick or have enough traction for some of the bigger hills... air down and you'll be fine,

ps. which dunes you gonna hit up?

ps. which dunes you gonna hit up?

Little Sahara...Western Utah.

I just bought the Kenda Southwick tires, and they are a great tire. They hold up surprisingly extremely well in rockey terrain and are EXCELLENT in the soft stuff.

The knob pattern is setup like paddles, and they really do well in the sand I have encountered. Silt hill climbs are where they show how well they work in soft terrain, and it is very similar to sand.

I have a 120-100-18 in the rear and have it aired down to 8 psi. Don't worry about pinch flats, the sidwalls are very stiff. I could actually let even more air out if I wanted to being I have the 2 rim locks.

Give the southwick rears a try, you won't be dissapointed, but run lower pressures to help them wear better. DON'T get the front if you don't stricktly ride in sand. They dart all over and tend to death wobble at high speeds on hard pack and intermediate/hard soil. However, in sand they are unbelivable, like being on rails.

Suggestions for a front tire for your situation, probably the Pirelli MT 16, never tried it but hear all good things and an all terrain tire will give much better "all around" performance then soft terrain front. The soft terrain tires tend to bounce off rocks and dart around on hard pack too much.

I have been going to pismo without changing to a paddle. Normaly the sand is all chopped up from people riding every inch of the place so traction isnot a problem I can go anywhere, pull wheellies, And have a blast. I think the sand gets more moisture though. I went about 2 months ago and the sand was like glass I wish I had a paddle then because the tire spun alot and I would have to get a running start to get up some of the taller dunes. I still had fun and was still able to go fast enough to taco a front rim in a crash. Go for it 8 psi worked for me

Thanks to all for the input. I did just put a new knobby on the back, so judging from your info, I'll go try it out.

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