Sound Level

For anyone interested, you can buy a Digital Sound Level Meter at Radio Shack (PN 33-2055) for $60. Although it does not meet ANSI Standard S1.4, it claims an accuracy of +-2dB. I bought one yesterday, but have not tried it yet. It appears to be VERY trick. :)

Yep, that's the one. Thanks for the link, George. I have to learn to do that one day. Now I can get me exhaust into compliance and we can ride together again. :)

Hey Rick, I got a 96dB reading yesterday. I have not done a repack yet and my bike has about 2000 miles on it. I will repack soon and test again to see if I can get it back down to 91 or 92db's. Will let you know when rides are coming up to see if we can get together again.


I have still not checked mine yet. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't you running a KTM 520, which are known for very quiet stock exhaust? I am very interested. Also, Monty is trying to get together a ride at Stonyford in the near future. I hope to see you you there, if I am quiet enough :)

Rick, I got one too. Did you get the tripod?

Rick, yes I have the KTM and may need to repack to get the dB's back down.

Rick and Paul, I up graded to a Extech Model 407750 Sound level Meter to compare to the Radio Shack one. The Extech one meets ANSI and IEC Type 2 standards and OSHA compliance testing.

Toys Toys Toy$

George, since my KTM is still pretty new. What kind of DB should I expect? Will it pass? Thanks, Paul

P.S. do you want to ride Stoneyford this Saturday?

George, I am very interested in the comparison between the two. (Extech vs Radio shack) Please post results. Thanks :)

It's to bad we're letting the California Off-Highway Vehicle Commission get taken over by environmentalist. They are forcing the Forrest Service and BLM to spend more of our OHV money on law enforcement issues (noise?) and "resource protection" (i.e., shuting down trails),and less on creation or maintenance of trails. Ever wonder why Harley riders don't get sound checked?

Just my thoughts....

Paul, I have read the KTM's run in the low 90's, about 91 or 92dB's stock. I wish I could ride with you this weekend but I work. It's getting old how many rides I have been missing because of work or hurt. I can't wait to ride with you guys, hopefully soon.

ps Paul I was very impressed with your elegant speech at the OHV meeting in Sacramento Feb. 12

Rick, I mail ordered the Extech, should be here in a week. I will repack my silencer and test with both next week and report.

ps Rick nice to see you at the Sacramento meeting too. I wish I knew more about the board members and there stance before that meeting because I think it should be brought out in the open forum if it already hasn't. I'm just starting to learn how the OHV comm. works.

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