Tyre width

Was wondering what size tyres you guys are running.

Ive just had a bridgestone ED660 fitted in a 120x90x18 size and it looks a bit on the narrow side. The tyre that came on the bike from new was a "mitchelin comp enduro" and was a 130x90x18 size.

Should I have opted for a 140 Bridgestone?

What are the ups and downs of going wider or narrower?

Taffy.- I'd be interested to know what tyre you are running as your bike must have come with the same tyre as mine.


the 120x90x18 ED660 is the bridgestone recommended fitment for a WR400

Thanks in advance


'00 WR (uk spec) blah blah

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i'm running a michelin 130/80 x 18. it was onspecial offer from Off Road Only 'ORO' for just £35. it's a winter tyre. good value too.

my friend supplies me with Maxxis tyres at trade price & i'm not too happy with the front but the 120 rears are very good.

all the enduro boys (UK) are running 130's if that's any help.


Randy Hawkins runs a 100/100/18 basically a 125cc tire on his 426 says he likes to slide the back around a bit and that the smaller tire helps. Not that I agree I run a 120 no need to go wider althogh pontiac seems to think wider is better :)

Basically a wider tyre will give a bit more traction but they tend to make the bike stand up straight when coming out of a corner.

You don't really notice it until you run a 100 or 110 and the the bike just won't come upright after corners! :)



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