WR that starts itself!

My WR450 decided to start itself when I turned on the ignition yesterday!

Rode around for a while and occasionally the starter motor would engage (I could tell by the noise) while riding.

I checked the start switch and that seemed to be OK, well its not stuck in the on position anyway.

So if the start switch is Ok, what's the most likely cause and remedy?


Our little magic button shorts two wires together and engages the starter. If the two wires are shorting together at any point along the path to the handlebar location, the starter will engage. Inspect the wires along the way and you will probably find a damaged area that is intermittantly allowing this to happen. I smashed my kill button wires with a tie down couple years ago. Easy fix.

Thanks ETP, I'll check it out now.

Turned out to be a shorting in the switch.

I unplugged the start button and kill switch and then used the kill switch to plug into the start wiring assembly (as both the kill and start have the same block) and the problem vanished.

I repeated the step backwards and the problem re-appeared when the start button was used.

So for now using the kill switch as the engine start button.

My WR450 decided to start itself

and the 2T boys want to tell us that 4T's are hard to start.:thumbsup:

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