I just received my reg. & sticker and was red, the dealer had said that this bike was going to receive a green one.

I called the DMV in Sacramento and the Air Resource Board, and they both said that it doesn't matter that the bike is a four stroke, the base it on the eighth digit on the VIN# which if it is "3" or "C" will get a red sticker. And now I have restrictions on when and where I can ride.

Does anybody know how to fight this?

The maximum emissions to get a green sticker are in (g/km), 1.2 HC and 15 CO.

Does anybody know if this bike is under this limit, then maybe I have a better chance.

Thanks. Alex E.

Didn't they tell you? You are now a criminal in the state of California for wanting to ride a dirt bike and have fun. We are no longer allowed to have fun here.

If I were you, I would not put that red sticker on my bike. If your worried about the forest goons, trust me, they have no clue. Just wave at them as you go by.

Psssst: I bought my WR out of state and never registered it. Please don't tell anyone, I would hate to get in trouble… :)

Alex, that bites! I have a 99 WR in San Diego and I have a Green Sticker. The fact is, mine outputs the same emmission as yours and I have a W in the eighth digit of my serial number. If you bought the bike new, your dealer hosed you. From what I've heard, it is the first reg. when the bike is new that makes the difference. Now that you have a red sticker, you might have a difficult time trying to convert to a green sticker. Ride when you want and plead ignorance should you get caught (highly unlikely).

dual sport it in AZ then after you get an AZ plate wait a year and change it to a plate in CA. good luck

Thanks guys, I might try the dual sport deal in AZ.

Has anybody done this, what if after trying to registered it back in Ca. they have a record of the previous status and end up getting the same sticker, because according to the DMV this bike can never be dual sported here.

I'm currious too.. does anyone know?

dual sport it in Arizona & leave it registered in Arizona (or another state). The best thing to do is have you AND someone that lives in the state on the title. Trust me, this works for cars/trucks.


I got my red stickered 2000wr plated in ca.

this is what I did.

put baja designs kit on bike.

signed statement of facts about chp888( in Baja kit)

had brake lamp isnspection.(in baja kit)

paid off bike( need pink slip)

got insurance ( stupid ca. law $120- year)

walked into dmv and asked to cancel off- road title and get street title.

gave them paperwork.

paid reg fee.

i can't remember how much reg fee was maybe $120.

they gave me a plate.

i tried several times before with no luck. the first times i asked for dual- registration. and the DMV would say NO..

Take registration in from a green stickie bike and say the stickie got lost before you put it on.$7 for a new one and off you go. Works every time

Got the moto in Feb. Received the red sticker a few months later. Went into a local DMV and told them I lost my "sticker", and they gave me another red sticker. Went into another local DMV and told them I lost my "sticker", and they gave me a green one.

Weeks later, I received a letter from the DMV that I was not suppose to get the green sticker and I need to turn it in for red sticker. I think I lost that letter.

Anyways, the evil 8th VIN character of "C" is the device for hunting us down. Blame the California Air Resource Board and perhaps Yamaha...since they told me that these bikes pass, but Yamaha didn't want to bother with the paperwork. I'm not sure if I believe that.

And almost everyone I know that lives in the Northern areas of California received a green sticker. Seems to be a matter of where your live more than where you ride. Either that or the all the DMVs are not up to speed.

Here's some ways around this.

1. Register the bike via a friend who lives in the far Northern area of CA. Have them forward you the paperwork when it arrives (or perhaps get a PO Box up there...say at a Mailboxes Etc. They can forward you mail too if you like).

2. Buy some old junker dirt bike (anything pre 97 will do, and re-register it for a new sticker. I'm sure you could find something for about $25 to 50 bucks or so. Then perhaps just toss it a dumpster somewhere, but keep on paying the annual fees on it.

Seems like a lot of work just to ride a motorcycle. How about this-

1. Find someone who has a green sticker that has not yet been placed on the bike.

2. Scan the green sticker into your computer.

3. Print the image of the green sticker on a heavy-duty label.

4. Place the heavy-duty label on your motorcycle.

5. Ride and have fun.

I realize that some of you may not be able to sleep at night if you did something as terrible as this, but if you really want a green sticker, sometimes you can't win if you play by the rules. California has gone off the deep end. Why go with it?

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