Need extra electrical power

i just installed a dual xenon setup. i have a 200W Ricky Stator, heavy duty regulator and a BD little battery pack.

i can run one light or the other, but not both. should i switch it to a dual output setup? should i install a second battery pack?


When you say xenon, I'm assuming this is HID. I would think you are good to run both at the same time, except maybe at low rpms or idle where the battery pack will not hold enough juice to power both. I believe you need about 80 watts to fire up one hid and then it runs at about 35-42 watts. Have you tried running one and then fire the other up as you're riding? If so then maybe the dual output would be better or a bigger/second battery. Maybe Trailtech can chirp in here, but they have a NiMh battery that is a 3700 mah battery compared to the BD unit that BD claims on their website is only 700 mah nicad. I have the BD as well and it does not have much holding power in my opinion. For me with one light, the time that the light will stay on without the engine is measured in seconds not minutes.

yes, one light will start and burn for maybe a minute after a good ride. if i fire up one light then the other, the second one will flicker, then just shut off.

i am going to try a bigger battery and run the second light off of it. run the stator in dual mode.

didn't know about the trailtech battery, thanks.

My situation sounds somewhat similar. I have a BD rewind with two 125 watt outputs. One I have left stock to run the backup halogen bulb and the other has a BD battery. Normally, I don't have any issues running the light from the get go if the battery has a decent charge, but I can ride all day long in the daytime and then turn on the light with the engine off and same result- - -I get maybe a minute or so of light before the flickering starts. I just think the BD battery is the absolute minimum to get by with and I'll be giving the Trailtech battery a try as well. Even with two outputs, if you run them through the BD battery, I think you'll find the same result.

HID's have varying power requirements. The initial startup can take as much as 150 watts, but only for a few seconds. Once started the draw can be 70 to 80 watts. As the bulb warms the power ramps down to the 35 watt running power. I think this takes a couple of minutes. That's why you need a larger battery. It needs to source that extra juice for the start and warmup time.

I see turn signals, do you run those headlights at night on the road? Don't be surprised if you get mowed down by a blinded cager.

yah i run them on the street. i have one set to be polite, then the high beam is set to be an ******* :thumbsup:

RS stator 200watt. ?? are you running 2-100watt leads using one to power the turn signals & tail light and one for the HID. If so this is your problem, Two HID's will require a min of 140-150 watts to keep the battery charged up. Running two HID units will suck the battery dry on a 100 watt lead causing the one light to flicker as it does. If you run a single HID 200watt lead. Then you will need to install a bigger battery to power everything including all those turn signals. You will need a baja design rectifier/regulator unit to send all that power to the battery. Running the tail lights and turn signals form the battery unit along with the HID will work but it will suck the power out very fast on the small BD battery, Run two batteries or a larger battery will slove the problems. Give Dan or Ben a call at Baja Designs they will get you dialed in if you have anymore problems.

I have an 06 XR650R which of course comes without a battery. I have it street legal and licenced here in Idaho(by the way, that was easy) I have a break light for my rear brake, a horn button that is not connected to anything(just looks like I have a horn), a cheap plastic mirror that is ziptied to my handlebars to get it out of the way, and two Maxxis desert IT's to boot. I know I am not really legal, but I am pretty confident that I can get away with the amount of street riding I actually do. I have the set up like this so I can get to my riding area without an dditional vehicles.

I have been searching for info on electrical basics, but have not been able to find. Here are my questions: What is the difference between AC and DC? Is stock XR AC or DC? What is the point of having a battery? Is a battery AC or DC? I want to upgrade my stator and put in a bigger light set up so I can get out of 1st gear at night. WIll I have to use AC or DC or both? Has anyone built their own headlight system? It looks like I could build the same thing that Ricky Stator has. Any pics?

I simply want to rewind my own stator( I have an extra one to experiment with), build a custom 200W-250W dual HID headlight system that looks great, has standard parts that can be replaced if needed, and I want it to be bulletproof. Is there anyone that can help?

somebody wasn't paying attention in science class:prof:

A/C= Alternating current. the electricity more or less pulses. you wall socket at home is this.

D/C= Direct current. you cell phone, TV remote car battery all works with this. the electric current just goes straight to the end.

the alternator in your car and stator make A/C power. the alternator has diodes in it that change the current from A/C to D/C.

the XR has an A/C stator. with a street kit, there is a voltage regulator that changes the current to DC.

Thanks for the response. I never thought I would use that science stuff in real life. Anyway, I was probably in back of the class reading a moto mag anyways.

So I will need a rewound stator, a voltage regulator, and ......? Which wires will I need to beef up so I do not have a fire problem? Do I need to rewire the brake lights as well as the headlights? I have no blinkers, just a stock tail light and an Acerbis LED brake light and a stock headlight. I hate to reinvent the wheel. If there is another article out that anyone knows of, please steer me to it. Thanks for the help.

OK I rewound my stator just like the pics and directions show at Hallelujah! It worked the first time. I put in my 55/60 watt light, linked the two filaments and it powered it at 100% at idle. My question is how much power is that thing really running? I would like to run 2 - halogen 55 watters at the same time. Anyone know how to check the output? Am I checking for wattage output, amperage, volts? I did not pay any attention in science. My bad. Please help..

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