How is the WR250F??Has it break the curse of 00426 spell?

Hey fellow Yammie rider, anyone know when the 01 WR250F is out?

But I'm worry about all those bad curse to happen on this new scoot.

Cause I have heard a lot of complaint from the 00YZ426


I'm confused!!!

But I still love my Yammie!!


'98 WR400F, YZ timed, main:180, pilot:48, DVR needle 4th clip from top,

snorkel removed, YZ tank/seat combo, YZ front no.plate/rear fender,

DSP Ti exhaust system, Brembo front brake,steel braided hose, EZ clutch adjust perch,

Stroker billet rear brake reservoir

I thought release was ~ Dec, 2K

February 2001, according to Yamaha. The YZ250F and WR426F are supposed to be available in December 2000.

I saw a 2001 WR250F at the track yesterday. Very corked up and quiet. Sharp looking bike though. Obviously I didn't get to ride it and the guy riding it was just putting around. I thought it was Dec. as well. I was very shocked to see one. I did a double take as he rode past on the harescrambles track, at first I didn't recognize it, I saw the 426 looking engine, but it was too small to be a 426, then I caught the wr250f on the rear fender.

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