recommended Motherboard for Pentium 4, 1.7 Gig??

I was looking at an ABIT 711 Raid. It uses the Intel 850 chip. This is for my 1.7 gig Pentium 4.

I am putting this thing together in a couple of weeks.

ok.. I've got an old 486 and my drill handy... where to I go first :) The biggest chip..right. :D

I like ASUS boards. Mine is the TUSL2-C (PIII)with nothing built-in. (I have a card for each peripheral) I like it's ability to do the jumperless CPU clock settings. That way if I want to overclock the chip for an evening of video compressing, it's a couple of keystrokes instead of digging for jumpers in the box.

The ABIT is a decent board, but for the same money you can get a top of the line ASUS that will support overclocking the processor. Plus for some reason the ASUS better supports the larger L2 Cache of the P-4. I'm running dual P-4 1.5 GHZ processors clocked to 1.875 on my home built server. Through put is awesome.

The only server that drags my refresh down is this dog that's supporting TT.

Bonzai :)

I am currently running a P2BF ASUS in my Pent II 400. I DO NOT want to use the onboard audio. I will be putting in a 3DFX 5500 Video card and Soundblaster 5.1 audio.

Will the muthaboard allow me to disconnect the onboard audio?

I will go to and research AGAIN!!



Price Watch: $153.00

(Roving) Computer show in Keene, NH in 3 weeks!

Anyone need a power supply for a P4? I have a brand new never opened Enermax 550Watt powerpack I will sell for cheap.


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It can be had for less that $153.00, Check at:

Bonzai :)

With all of the knowledge on this site, get yourself a nice old 486 MB.

With that you should be able to: drill out the front side bus to at least 200 MHz, remap the CMOS to advance the timing, add a 12 oz fan weight for the low speed work, use engine ice for those hot 7200 RPM HDD's, an E-Series on the exhaust with 12-14 disks should keep things flowing and quiet, and the good old 'turbo' switch on those 486 boards really made things fly, so you better get stiffer springs in your chair.

Thanks for giving me a thought to entertain myself for the last 5 minutes :)

Back on the original subject, Intel and ABIT boards have treated me well in the past. More than anything, I'd say stick with an Intel chipset.


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