Suspension Rebuild - Oh yeah, baby!

I finally broke down and had my suspension rebuilt. The one on my bike, I mean.

The process for deciding on who got to work on "my baby" was very tedious. After a long period of hibernation in the bathroom (where I musta read every suspension article written, not to mention take out a loan for all the toilet paper I used), I finally decided on MX-TECH. Knowing my wallet was going on a "Slim-Fast" diet, I decided to contact Jeremy Wilkey and see what this whole thing was going to cost. The answer, around $500 or so. Hmmm, less than Procircuit and more that Bob's Midnight Motorcycle. . .so I sent of my suspension.

Well, after 2 weeks of no riding; cold sweats at night, dry heaves, migrane headaches, nightmares about my suspension looking like a slinky when it came back; I finally got back my forks and shock. With the anticipate of a teenager on prom night, I put it all back together. . . .and rode it on Saturday.

Oh my GAWD! This is an amazing difference. My bike acts like it's glued to my feet. It tracks and turns soooooo much tighter. It's so smooth and I don't have to worry about being bounced off the bike all the time. AND, the bike FEELS much lighter in the way it handles. My wallet is more svelte by $600 but I really LIKE riding my bike now! We don't have all those lovers quarrels anymore, it just does what I tell it to do!!

I'm not going to rave about MX-TECH, because I believe any good suspension rebuilder, carefully selected could achieve similar results. I was lucky, Jeremy did a good job for me. I will HIGHLY recommend having the Yamma suspension rebuilt to your specifications. It makes your riding much more enjoyable! It a modification one should consider if you own a WR/YZ! This and a frontal lobotomy (or was that a bottle in front of me?)


'00 WR, YZ modified and MX-Tech suspension;now if I could just ride it.


Out of curiousity, how much do you weigh?

My observations exactly.

1) My bike got 30lbs lighter

2) It now steers into corners better with better percision.

I got the suspension redone to land bigger jumps but the side benefits were significant.

Kevin: The answer to your question is a closely guarded secret. The penalty for this knowledge is being trampled to death by hordes of miget Hutu tribesmen.

Alright, enough dreaming. . . .190lbs @ 6ft.

They used my springs (YZF springs) with the following setting for their valving:


Compression: 12

Rebound: 8

Oil: 95mm


Compression: 12

Rebound: 9

Set sag @ 95-100mm


'00 WR, YZ modified and MX-Tech suspension;now if I could just ride it.

I know exactly how you guys feel. I had my forks reworked by Machine Racing which is one of the main Yamaha off-road dealers here in Canada. Since all my riding is non-MX all that was required was to get rid of the mid valving and they adjusted the oil level and clicker settings for my big butt (250 lbs). I had changed the rear spring when I got the bike and have the sag set correctly. The fork work was only $150 Canadian and made a huge difference in the bike.

I also had MX-Tech do the suspension on my 426 and am extremely pleased. My cost was a bit more at $750 total. They used the stock fork springs but different shock springs....can't remember the damn rate now. 5.2, I think. The settings they used are right on target. I carefully assembled everything and then headed out to a local spillway and looked for the gnarliest and roughest whoops I could find and hammered through them. I looked faster than McGrath! Of course, I was the only one who was watching.

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