Jetting for 7 - 8,000 feet - Colorado 500!

Going to ride the Colorado 500 next month! (I know. I got lucky.)

My 2007 WR450 is currently set up for sea level with all the free mods,

and the AIS removal kit. The kit came with a 48 Pilot jet (45 is stock), and

a new needle with the clip on the 4th slot down. It runs great.

What will I need to do to the jetting?

Does anyone know where I can find a Correction Chart for 7-8000 feet?

If not, could you provide the directions for this altitude from a JD kit?

I am hopeful I do not have to buy the kit just to replace a jet...

Any advice would be appreciated!


It appears I can get away with just swapping the pilot jet back to a #45.

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