'00 YZ426 pipe on my '00 WR400?

Understand from recent forum postings that replacing my stock WR pipe w/a stock YZ426 pipe would be (roughly) equivalent to adding a nice aftermarket pipe.

if so, can the forum share what it thinks would be a fair price to pay my local riding buddy for a basically new '00 YZ426 header & pipe?

also, can anyone share if the pipe will mate w/my header or if i should replace my stock header w/the stock 426 header as well. will the stock 426 header/pipe combo fit w/out any bolt-on issues?

many thx to all for continued great advice. bobwombat

I did exactly what you are talking about. 2000WR 2000YZ pipe. I paid $50.00 from the local motercycle shop for the header and pipe. Someone had installed an aftermaket and left there old one. Headers seamed to be exacly the same so I just changed the pipe. And no it does not just bolt up. But it is easy to make work. I just picked up some large washers and a longer bolt to make it work. You will understand when you hold up the new pipe to the frame. To get it all runing good I did the fallowing. YZ timing, DVP needle, 48pilot and 175 main, one screw out on the air screw. Runs like a bandit. Midrange will kick you in the %. I am at 4000-5000 ft el. Hope that helps.


[This message has been edited by Polo (edited 10-16-2000).]

thx for the info, polo. i'm not YZ timed but also went w/a 175 main & 48 pilot w/stock needle. i'm @ about 1000' so will i need to richen up a bit? can't say i'm disappointed at all w/the stock performance but have an opportunity for this brand new YZ pipe. still interested in hearing from others as well. thx again. bobwombat

polo, i forgot to ask if the headers are the same & it's just from the header rearward that differs. also, did u YZ time before or after the YZ pipe? wondered if u noticed the mid range boost w/stock WR timing....

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