This is to get peoples attention with other bikes that might be able to help us. There is another subject concering braklines and speed bleeders that this started from.

Clark MotoGreg and several other people are looking for a Fastline brakeline that will route like a CR to put on their bikes that have the light but there isn't one made for the WR400 with the light. The standard one is too short. I left a message for them to possibly see if a brakline from another bike would work and MotoGreg went and measured and checked the fittings on his friends XR400 and it looks like the line will fit.

:) Here is the catch the Fastline brakeline for the Xr400 is RED :D and doesn't come in blue or black if this bothers you.

If someone has a DR350 or a KLX300 see if the line is routed like a CR and check to see the compatibility of the fittings and angles of the fittings compared to the WR400.

If the angles and fittings are the same those brakelines come in Blue or Black and not just red like the XR400. :D If you can deal with the red colored line the part number for a 96-99' XR400 Fastline brakeline from Chaparral is W24-604X. I would imagine that the DR would be closer since Honda and Suzuki route alot of their front line in the same way. Let us know what you find. Thanks!


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Jay...After reading your post on using another brands brakeline I got to thinking that the best option might be a 93-95 RMX (Fastline P/N W24-648X). They have the inverted forks, "CR" routing, a headlight and come in blue. If I can sneek this past my wife I'll buy this brake line and let you know if it works or not...

Gday all,

You dont need to route CR style if you have the Fast Line braided brake line. Trust me, there is no difference at that point...

I'm not looking for a line, I made my own. I have also tried CR routing and went back to under the fork leg. The CR routing gets the line caught between the brake disc and the fork leg when the forks compress, sometimes the line will stay stuck there and the disc wears it down.


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MotoGreg, where did you get the dash 1 or 2 line and how did you get the banjo fittings on? Can you go to an auto parts store and have them make it up (meaning do they usually have the banjo fittings?) Also did this make for better breaking than stock and did you change the rear too?



That would be incorrect.

I just put on a Fastline brake line for a YZ/WR400 (the blue one) and the length of the bottom piece means that the only way to route it is the same way as the standard line under the fork. This isn's a problem for me, and it still works heaps better, and 1 finger is all that's needed to stop it. I will try and get some photo's for my web site tonight so you can see.


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I've made custom length brake lines for two street bikes so far. Dash-2 line and banjo fitting are available from local hot rod shops. Also try plumbing supply houses, that's where I found anodized aluminum banjo fittings and bolts. blue bolts and fittings would be pretty trick looking although steel will be stronger.

Hey guys, sorry for my ignorance but is this CR routing using Fastline brake line your talking about different from just installing a braided Fastline brake line?

It sounds like you can run this briaded line either throught the stock route or via a CR route. Correct or uncorrect?



I just added a Fastline brake line for my '00 WR400 and after reading these posts, I'm confused :).

I left on the headlight, routed the brakeline through the lower tripleclamp brakeline loop thingie, then mounted the hard rubber end into the standard fork cover holders. Then I wrapped the flexible blue line around the forks, CR-style. The forks are fully extended. There's enough play that it appears to me that this should work when the forks are fully compressed and extended. Have I missed something??


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The difference between the stock routing and CR routing is probably eight inches. There is no way to interchange them. As for the guys who want a CR routing, with headlight clearance, maybe you could buy the stock routing, and cut the bottom a bit shorter, and install a new bottom banjo.

Scott F

How about the xr400 fastline with 3/4 shrink tubing to cover the red hose and run your computer wires. ???

Now there's a practical man!

I like that idea. I'll have to try it thanks.


00'WR400 75'Yamaha 250 enduro

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