enduro computer

can anyone tell me what kinda features this enduro computer that everyone raves about has? speed-odo-trip-alarm clock-am/fm/cd?i would really like to tell baja designs to shove the ugly $65 bo-bo speedometer up their rears but need a backup plan. also, who do i contact? geoff? thanks

www.topeak.com Get the wired version for noise immunity.

It plays MP3 & DVD's too :)

awesome-i have a 5.6 inch lcd monitor i could hook up to my camcorder and watch judge judy on the trails! thanks

Geoff, do you have the trip-computer set up for my KTM-400? Did you get your new 2001 katoom yet? Erik


So Cal Erik

Visit my club's site at <A HREF="http://www.ruts.org

" TARGET=_blank>www.ruts.org



I'm also interested in the Panorama for a 2001 KTM 400 EXC.

Let us know if you have the mounting kit and cable for the sensor to fit this machine available.


Jeff Kimpson

thanks a lot, you'll be getting some of my cash in the near future!

I'm interested in the Enduro Computer. Do you have a kit for the XR400 ?

What are the mounting provision on the Computer ?



Thanks Geoff,

Appreciate the quick response. I hope to get the Topeak unit for the 2001 KTM 400 EXC that's siting in my garage.

Will the cost be the same for the KTM kit as for the WR/YZ kit?

Jeff Kimpson

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