How to keep the 06 from stalling!

When Iam racing and I hit a jump(like a step up)and there is a sharp turn after the jump.........I hit my back brakes to slow down for the turn and it never bike usually stalls and dies. Say for instances like this weekend.....I was in third place with the other two guys right on my front tire. We were heading up a hill and at the top you could either go around the turn with a burm in it which was on the right side of the turn or you could go over a hump which was on the left side of the turn(you had the choice)The guy in first went to the right and took the sweep(berm)and the guy in second laid to the left and decided to go over the hump and I did the same.The guy in second in front of me was going just a tad slower than me when aproaching the hump.I on the other hand had a little bit more speed and had to brake to avoid running into his back tire so when I braked my bike stalled and had to start it back. I lost five postions but got three of them back before the last lap. I also have noticed when I hit a jump I have to goose it a couple of times because it sounds like it could die if I didnt.

-turn up the idle up alittle bit

-feathering the clutch coming into corners

gotta pull that clutch, man! :thumbsup:

might want to check your pilot circuit tuning for the jump issue.

A. Turn up the idle

B. Feather the clutch

C. Install the Yamaha off-road flywheel

C. Install the Yamaha off-road flywheel

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: works like a champ

I would say DEFINITELY turn the idle up a little bit, especially if you think it could stall in mid air. I did i big double jump on my 06 YZ250F and tapped the rear brake, i must have not had the clutch in quite enough and the thing died, and yes i had a nasty fall. Turn your idle up, not too high that it affects your braking but high enough that the engine always runs solid.

All of the above.

But mostly, it's you. Learn to modulate the rear brake better. Develop a feel for how much pressure you can put on it before you stall the engine. Use the front brake more. If you really need to lock the rear, pull the clutch first.

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