Oil from Ignition Cover & Breather

I've read in the forum that the WR has a "wet" ignition. This weekend the timing plug was a little loose and quite a bit of oil seemed to be coming out. Also when I stopped riding oil dripped out of the breather for a few minutes. I've seen oil come in the past, but not this much. I tighten the plug and checked the oil level. Everything seemed to be ok and the bike was running fine.

Has anyone experienced this??



st louis

they all chuff out of that breather. this is a very tiny engine with a big piston inside going like hell.

the crankcase has to be able to breath & there is a special system for letting thousands of litres of air out of your engine & not oil.

unfortunately a little oil does get past the sentries, the barbed wire, the rottweilers, the ditch, the wall & the search lights!!!!!

if anything is loose it'll seap oil.


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