how to make a wr426 longer gearing

i have a wr426 an it could do with a nother gear or is it because i have a big sprockit on the rear at the moment its runing on a talon motocross sprockit could it be this? if yes what sprokit an front sprockit would be the best to go for longer gearing

thanks matt

How many tooth sprockets are you running now? The 426 came stock with a 14/50 combo.

I fitted a 15/50 to my 426, it stopped it screaming its bollox off on the road between trails..............made the gearing a bit high in the really tight stuff but I found it worth it.

You can always fit a 14T to the front for doing mx tracks/ enduro's etc as it only takes 15mins to change


ok thanks for your help i will give it a try

thanks matt

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