what involved with legalizing a dirtbike?

besides getting the proper tires, and the baja design kit i know theres alot to deal with at the mva. i heard of a local who had a few grand tied up into his xr400 trying to get it done even with his baja kit.

i would love to motard a xr600 but i am afraid i wont be able to get it legalized, i thought i could install the kit, get it inspected then go to the mva and get the titled transfered over to a street legal title, am i wrong, i live in maryland BTW and no one at the mva could really help me out!

anyone who has ever done it what did your stat make you do? why is it so hard?

You need to find out the requirements for your state. Perhpas try the dual sport forum if you don't get an answer here. It can vary from easy to impossible. The number of states in the easy category shrinks every year.

deputyperk, you may want to go to the nearest state police barracks and ask the cops. If they can't help you go to an inspection station, the one you will be getting to inspected the bike when it is ready and see what they will be looking for. Good luck.

If you dont already own the bike, look around for one that is already tagged. You'll save yourself alot of hassle. Its much easier to transfer an already tagged bike than it is to tag one from scratch. Either way, when dealing with the DMV and such,, BE VERY NICE to them. It will help alot.

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