Shifting Problems

> Hi guys,


> My brother just purchased a '00 WR400 in the middle of the summer. He has

> had really good luck with his new toy. However, last weekend he went to


> for a ride but was unable to shift past first gear. The bike starts fine

> and has not been abused.


> Any information would be greatly appreciated.


> Kevin Skidmore

Kevin: Can he get the transmission into neutral? He might try rocking the bike back and forth while gently pulling up on the shifter(engine not running) and see if it can be coaxed into the higher gears. I'm wondering if there is a bent shift fork or shaft. Do you know if he shifts down into first gear while still moving at a high speed? You certainly don't want to be in high gear wide open and then start slamming down thru the gears. Shifters don't need to be slammed hard with the boot, just a sturdy stab is enough. I've never had trouble with transmissions on any of my machines so this is a new one on me.


My bike (00WR) had the same problem. It most likely is a broken pin within the shifter assembly. This is an intermittent problem with that bike. Mine was fixed under warranty by the dealer. Since this is a manufacturing defect your brothers bike should be repaired for free. Your local dealer may not have experienced this problem before, but I guarantee the factory knows all about it. Good luck.

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