Dual-Sport in NC?

Has anybody attempted a conversion in the state of North Carolina? I'm hearing conflicting stories, but I'm hoping it can be done!


A buddy of mine put a d.s. kit on his xr400 with out any problem.

He got lucky when the DMV inspector went by his car lot to inspect something and he asked him to look at his bike and see if it would pass a Highway Patrol inspection. HE did and it did, and the DMV guy had the paperwork to make it offical, so he filled it out and went to the DMV office and filed for a title. He hasn't received the title yet but "it's in the mail". With title in hand, one trip to the DMV office, and the bike shop for a state inspection and he will have a street legal dual sport.

Hope this helps,



By the way, what part of NC. are you from.

I'm in Rocky Mount.


Thanks for the reply. I'm in the mountains of Western NC, near Asheville. I'm having a time with this ds conversion. I called DMV in Raleigh, no problem just see a DMV inspector to get a report for registration. Local inspector says he won't do it. Called Raleigh back.. talked to half a dozen or so before they say they have changed policies and no longer allow off-road bikes to be registered. They say it must be road worthy from the manufacture, even though he agrees it meets all requirements for inspection. Anyway, still working on it. They have not changed any laws, only how they choose to inturprut G.S. 20:4 paragraph 2. They say it is unsafe and I must prove it is safe.? Got any info to help out? THANKS


I have heard of people getting an address in SC. and licensing there bike there then transfering the title to NC. No laws against transfers from out of state as long as you have a title.

It's a lot of hassle but it should work.

Are you intrested in racing Hare scrambles?

There are alot of races in your area.

just a thought,



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