YEE HIGH! That’s me, back at work and jumping around like some white rap fool while I’m thinking about Moab. Lets go back- I’ll load up tonight and quit my job. Today is my first day back after the vacation. For those of you who were at Moab, thanks for the great memories. For those of you who didn’t make it (especially Mitch) sorry you couldn’t be there but we had an absolute blast.

The trip had a lot of highlights for me.

 The drive out and meeting everyone that first night was great. Putting not only faces but voices to the Internet names was fun.

 The rides were terrific. Very scenic and challenging. Lots of slick rock, ledges to jump up and down. By the end of the weekend I was looking for those 4 ft drops to wheelie off of. The Slick Rock had all kinds of ups and downs and angles with lots of grip.

 I wasn’t street legal but Jake came up with a great idea- Borrow a license plate and zip tie it to my camel back. Yea, sounds pretty stupid and cop would probably laugh all the way to jail- but it sounded great and made me feel good. Brian- I will mail the plate to you this week.

 Dougie is the crash man but he goes balls out and I had a great time riding with him. There’s this huge crack that drops about 6 feet down and separates these two rocks you have to cross. The hardest part about jumping it is that from one side you are jumping low to high. You can go around but not Dougie, he just jumped and crashed. Apparently he’s 1 for 4. The Jeepers were thought it was great. Dougie also changes a great front flat. My kind of guy. I tried to take up the mantle on Monday and had a few crashes of my own. But they lacked Dougie's style.

 Jake and I became members of the jump in neutral club. I jumped off a ledge revving the heck out of my motor but since it was in neutral it just nose dived. Jake’s jump was much more interesting. He jumped the crack I just spoke of, in neutral. Busted ass. After checking that he was ok, I thought we would hurt ourselves laughing so hard.

 Canadians are pretty cool. They brought a helmet cam that was very fun to watch, especially if you were in front and riding well. We would hook it up at night and watch on the TV. Lots of laughs from this. Those Canadians also bring pizza, ride fast in sand, and answer to Hoser. Kerry T was especially fond of this.

 Amassa Back (I know its spelled wrong) was probably the coolest ride. We had been riding in sand that morning and thinking “This sucks, where’s the real riding”. So we go to this cool 6 mile? ride up a mountain with all kinds of rocks and ledges and stuff to go over. Once you get to the top the view are incredible. Jake and Bryan were so happy they could barely control themselves. Met a cool guy- Brian, who rode a 650 up this thing with no complaints. The real fun was on the way down. There is this one area that has a drop off of at least a few hundred feet. You can go close to the mountain but its almost impossible. Or you can go the easier way but its on the ledge of the drop off. I’ll confess, I was scared. But we all made it through ok and had a great - pretty fast ride on the way down. All the stars were lined up right for this one.

 The last night and day it was just Bryan, Kevin, and myself. We left Moab and went to this area on the Colorado/Utah border. No one in site, Bryan was leading and ripping. Single track. Cool weather. One of the great parts was when Bryan was stopped and pointing out to me that the hill we were going to climb had a big ledge on the other side. But I didn’t hear any of this, I thought Bryan just saying go ahead. So I start to take off pretty fast and I see Bryan’s eyes get huge. So I stopped and got the full scoop. Good thing. It was kinda of sad to bring the trip to an end. Although, Kevin still had a long way to go. Even the rain in the mountains on the way home was beautiful.

In summary, this trip was a real highlight for me. Aside from some of the best riding I’ve ever done, the guys were totally cool. To me that’s pretty amazing. We had around 30 people and they were all cool. Think about it, when was the last time you were around that many people and everyone was ok. Also, Bryan- thanks for posting the pictures so quickly. All of my friends have been forced to take a tour as I walk them through the pictures. Oh well. They better like it. This was a great trip and I’ve met some people that I look forward to seeing again.

Best regards,


[This message has been edited by Harold in So Cal (edited 10-16-2000).]

I agree with all that Harold with one addition:

Remember that kick ass Red Hot Chillie Peppers CD you were playing before the all sand, 10 mile canyon ride? I liked it so much and it pumped me up so much that I went out today and bought it for myself and have been playing it all day! It makes me drive real fast though! :)

Oh, and one more thing! What a great group of guys. Here is an example: The first night in Moab we only had one three bedroom condo and 9 guys showed up! Many of us slept on the floor and Harold and KerryT even slept in over sized closets.


Isn't that awesome! I guess dirt bikers are anything but whiners eh?

We definatly have to do this again next year if not sooner!


I seem to remember someone whining about how their pristine wr ended up with quite a few scratches after Moab, I purposely went out and scratched mine up just for that reason :) Don't remember who that was though, anyway what a first rate group of riders too bad we don't live a couple of states closer so we could ride together more often does this qualify as whining? Sure was nice to take my rims down to the shop and have someone else change my tires and add new tubes w/o holes :D

And who would that be Mr. Unregistered? :)


99 WZ, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1 SA, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards. Canada for 2001...???


I wondered where you were at. I figured you might of flipped out, sold all your possesions, except the bike, left it all behind and were just spending the rest of your life riding Moab, becoming something of a local legend.

Now it is on to Canada!!


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

Good to have you back Harold! I agree with all of your comments - good riding, good group.

We're already planning for the big Canadian ride up here, so they'll be no chickening out. September is the most reliable weather wise, so keep that in the back of your mind.

FYI, I finally got the Helmetcam tapes copied, they'll be off to KerryT today along with the photos that Pumpkin Hoser took.

We missed a lot of footage due to technical difficulties, but got the Amasa Back ride end to end!!


Too many tree hugging hippies in Moab for you Harold. You'd be pissing them off with your conservative views!

(Harold got into an argument with some pin-heads in Moab and gave us all a chuckle!)

Unless you want to buy that tie die shirt and birkenstocks and convert?!?

Maybe a pony tail?

Bryan... :)

[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 10-17-2000).]

Canada and Hosers- I'm ready now. Can't wait to get those videos. My friends thought they had sat through all of my Moab pictures, but little did they know but round 2 will be comming.

Bryan- I was driving home last night (before reading your post) and listening to the Chilli Peppers CD and thinking the exact same thing. Great CD and great memory jamming out while we were all getting suited up before the ride.

Dougie and Kevin- yes maybe I will move to Moab and become infamous. After all, Kevin had to witness my bookstore debate with this young man who had on a Che t-shirt. He went on about 10 minutes on how oppressive capitalism is. Finally, I was forced to explain to him the benefits of Capitalism and Freedom. Kevin was just shaking his head at my futile efforts.


Kevie, oops... I mean Taffy :) You big MEMBER you...

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