take them check valves off your gas caps....

since I've taking mine off, no more fouled plugs...

yes it's true

No more fouled plugs...

I took mine off when I thought it was causing missfiring after a 15 minute rest stop. It didn't seem to change the problem.

Fred, I've been running a check value for some time and I've never fouled a plug. However; I've never messed with the stock jetting either. Personally, I think this is the problem for most novice mechanics. Leave the jetting to the experts IMHO. :)

Ok! Here is my theory on fouling plugs. My best friend and I picked our 98 WR's up on the same day. Once we learned how to start the damn things it was great (However that was a learning experience!) We ride everywhere together including riding around 12800 ft. and as low as 4000 ft in Moab. My friend still has the orginal plug in his thing. It is bone stock, including jetting from out local shop. Mine is also stock but, I was always fouling plugs. I was able to put a new plug in the darn thing in less than 3 minutes! Ok! Now to my theory. I think it just depends on how you ride. I have a much more aggressive riding style than my friend. I give it hell than I slow down quickly. Than again maybe I'm just full of %?@#?#! I recently had mine in the shop to find that I had a bad pump! No more fouling plugs! (As of a couple rides!!) One thing is for sure! I love the thumper and I would't own another dirt bike to save my life.....Well maybe a 01 WR426!! If I could only talk my wife into it....

enough rambling....Ride Hard! Ride Safe....


Bad pump? Accelerator pump? I'm very curious.

Yes, It was the accelerator pump.

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