Thinking about a YZ or WR

I am a DRZ rider and I like the bike just fine but I need more power and better suspension. If the WR were electric start it would be a no brainer. Question: Which is better for straight line acceleration through all the gears including top speed, the YZ or WR? and how much faster are these bikes than my slightly modified DRZ? My goal is to defeat a modified XR600 in straight line acceleration. Can I do that with the WR or YZ? Assume stock gearing on all.

Tony DRZ rider,

YZ quicker (low ET)

WR faster (more top-end)

YZ/WR vs DRZ (Suzy comes in 3rd)

On a flat dirt road, none of the above takes the drag race to top-end over the modified XR.

Hope this will assist you!

My thoughts are It's gonna be tough to beat a 650 on a smooth flat straight. Mix in some whoops and a few turns and the 426 will be right there or even ahead. It all depends on rider skill. On even ground the 650 will most likely always win in the "long" run. Choose your battles wisely.


I understand that the XR650R (I assume the XR you are talking of) is better on the open dirt (powerful and softer suspension) but doesn't the WR/YZ426 almost have as much power (better gearing for the WR) and its lighter? So in a long sprint are they about equal? Is it just that the XR can keep the pace up longer because of rider comfort?



Santa Cruz, Ca

The C-Dale makes better power than the Yamaha? I thought otherwise. In fact I have read they are rather weak in comparison. I read the dale' forum and have read horror stories about the supposedly much improved 02's. For $7200 I want dead on reliability.


You said you wanted more power and better suspension than your DRZ. The 'Dale has it. :) Check my post, I didn't say it made more than the Yamaha. I don't know the HP rating of either bike. I haven't been passed because I didn't have enough power. At my level, it's all about the rider.

As for "horror stories", you'll have to help me out. I'm in that forum daily and haven't seen any related to an '02. :D

My bike was $5500 and in these first 2 months all I've done is regular service.

Like I said, if the 'Dale isn't for you, you'll be happy with either Yamaha.

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I bought the XR650R last year, my buddy bought the WR426(Canadian version). We both jetted and changed baffles. On a dry lake the guy that got the jump was still ahead @ 80-90mph.

The suspension is much better on the Yamaha.

The XR's weight makes it very stable at high speed. I could maintain 50-70mph across the desert. The Yamaha would stop or turn better when the OH S#$$%ts happened.

I had way more $$$ into the XR due to the carb, triple clamp & suspension. So the Yamaha is better in stock form.

After riding both bikes many times and spending 3K in upgrades to my Honda, I wanted a bike that was RTR the day I bought it. Are you ready for this......?

I bought a 2002 Cannondale X440. E-start, fuel injection, Ohlins, etc. I know, I know, durability is a big mystery. Well, I've ridden it 16 times in 8 weeks and 0 breakdowns. The 'Dales have the better power and suspension plus the green button. It might be worth your time to check one out. If not, I think you would be happy with either Yamaha.

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