went to pick up my dvp needle at it was stamped dkp......

yea I went to the shop to get my needle today, and on the little bag it came in it had the right part no. on it but the needle itself was dkp instead of dvp. Is this nomal or not


Your needle is fine. My DVP was the same, and it was mentioned on this forum before.

Fred / Kevin in NH,

I am confused, I searched the archives and found a post that Clark says they are different.

Fred-did you order # 5BE-14916-DP?

WHat's up? I have a DKP stamped needle as well and found I could not seem to get the jetting right with it.


The Yamaha microphiche is wrong!

When you order the needle as a DVP you will get the DKP. Unless the have corrected the situation.

Order the part by the part number (the dealer may tell you are ordering a DKP. But you will get a DVP.

Go strictly by the number stamped on the needle.

They are not the same!!

Always go by the code stamped on the needle an DVP is a DVP not a DKP. The Yamaha part number for the DVP needle is:


In this series of numbers the 5BE is critical because Yamaha fish for 00 bikes will use a different three digit prefix (5JG)with all the other numbers the same and you will get the wrong needle.

If in doubt call Montclair Yamaha at 1-800-RID-EYAM and order it from them as they may have the DVP needles in stock.




good luck


Clark is right---

The YZ426 parts fiche is wrong

For clarity:

5BE-14916-DP is a DVP

5JG-14916-DP is a DKP (way too rich)

5JG-14916-EP is a EKP

[This message has been edited by James Dean (edited 10-18-2000).]


:) Thanks for the clarification. :D



If you haven't laid it down, you're not riding hard enough!

My needle says OBDVP on it. I take it this is the correct needle.


OBDVP is correct.

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