Ocotillo Wells this Sunday

I'm riding Ocotillo Wells for the first time this weekend. Can those that have ridden there share any experiences? What is the terrain like? Weather this time of year? Thanks! :)

I would also like to know how long of a drive it is from Glamis to Ocotillo Wells (still going to Imp. Dunes, but not ‘till Nov. 8 or so…)


Ocotillo Wells sounds familiar. Where is it?


Go to www.sdorc.org and click on riding areas. East of San Diego about 60-70 miles I believe.

Ocotillo wells is a great place to ride, the temp now is in the mid 80’s to 90’s in another month or so will be better. There is a variety of different riding to be had, there is one medium size sand hill named “Blow Sand”. An area called the “Bad Lands” which is the strangest terrain I’ve ridden, not fast riding, more technical. Then there are numerous jeep type trails and riverbeds (dry most of the time) to cruise. All together it is a fun place to ride. It is located west of the Salton Sea or about 2.5 hours west/northwest of Glamis.


Go to the ranger station there, and they'll give you a nice map of the park. Then if you take the San Felipe Wash to the Southeast and cross 78, at the Blu Inn Cafe you can buy a really neat map of the whole Anza-Borrego desert park, which Ocotillo Wells is just a small part of. I've been going there for years, and I just love the desert. You can ride South all the way to Highway 8 if you want, and a long way North if you're street legal.

The wind is unpredictable there, it often blows very hard for days, which isn't fun. Sometimes though,the air doesn't move enough to blow the dust away, and you sit in a cloud all day. About half the time it seems, the weather is perfect.

I will be there the following weekend. Have fun, Gil

If you like the technical riding, and lots of jumps (10' - 200') you'll want to go about 5 miles past (South of) the airport to what is called 'pole line' road - the only utility road in the area. Turn left and follow the dirt road about a mile in. This is the place that many of the 'Crusty' type films are made. Lots of steep hills and fun terrain are within 5 miles of this spot - it also offers some of the most protected areas on the windy days (it's a 50/50 chance in Ocotillo !)....Have fun

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