Flywheel Weights

07 wr450, did some searching on threads but (forgive me if u get offended) some writers get off the initial question track in a hurry. ?1, do u know who supplies flywheel weights for the 07 wr? I am not looking for a debate, just want to increase the flywheel weight on MY bike. searched a little on Stealthy, zip-ty, terry, Dr D, and factory yamaha, to no avail yet.. if u have any info on these or others please respond.

Trailtech did have some for the '05-'06 models. Don't know about '07.

Out of interest, why do you want more flywheel weight?

Mainly looking for a little taimer ride. i prefer a 4-stroke-4-stroke, not the 2-stroke-4stroke that the new 450's seem to be. don't get me wrong, but i came off a xr650r that i raced and really prefer the torque and bottom end.

have done all the mods, including a switch for the grey wire, gonna play w/ the tps this weekend to see any differences in performance. this 46 year old racer needs a little more low end, without losing the top end. therefor no gear changes, and i like the stock pipe w/ the big insert, as it still passes the 96 dbs, for the races.

I can see that more weight would help with a flame out (inappropriate stalling) when hill climbing that sometimes happens to me. It would also tame the intense off idle torque when riding really tight trails at low speeds, but I think I would miss the crispness of the throttle the rest of the time.


by any chance did you call Yamaha customer service/Tech support in CA? The number listed the Yamaha website they have been very helpful for me..

I'm trying to dial in my 07 WR450 and am interested in a heavier flywheel as well. Came off a 99 WR400 and it could really lug in the technical stuff and hooked up great for long higher gear wheelies. The 07 tends to spin and definitely has a flame out problem. The WR used to come with a heavier flywheel than the YZ, don't know if that is still the case (they do have different p/n). There is a GYTR higher inertia flywheel for the YZ450--anyone know if this is just the WR f/w?

I own both an 07 WR450 and an 08 YZ450. The wr definitely has a heavier flywheel than the yz, it's a lot harder to stall. I've found that uncorking the WR helps with the stalling, since unleashing the power from it helps with those situations where the engine would stall due to a lack of power. I gotta say, the WR comes with good flywheel weight as it is:thumbsup: :banghead: , maybe that's why there aren't many aftermarket companies making a flywheel weight for it.:ride::busted:

Thanks, Erickdj. The YZ will definitely pull better on the bottom due to the change in cam timing. I've uncorked the WR, including the GYTR pipe insert, gray wire, rejetting, AIS removal, Boyesen Quickshot. Some of the guys I ride with like the really gnarly stuff (more like trials to me) and sudden stalls at low rpm can have nasty results. I'll take MWO's advice and call Yamaha and post anything I find out.

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