What's a good long distance riding jacket for this time of year?

I like some of the leather ones but they are not water proof and far too hot I imagine.

It's a tough choice and a comprimise in one area or the other because you don't want too heavy of one so you can pack it away, yet want decent protection, yet don't want it too hot and yet want it water proof.

I don't have a true cycle jacket and am also concerned with the color of it, being that I WANT to be seen and not blend in with the road.

:thumbsup: So what are some good choices ?

wife beater!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I just got a kilimanjaro air for warm weather that I like pretty well. It's mostly mesh so I doubt it would protect as well as leather or a solid jacket.

I also have an older joe rocket ballistic and another kilimanjaro for cooler weather.

I usually get red for visibility but not as garish as the hi- viz offerings.:thumbsup:

If you are looking for a dual sport one. Check out the Accelerator. It is made by Cortech(Tourmaster). I only could find it on the helmethouse.com website. Just go there and click on the Catalog section and click on Accelerator button. Waterproof, zip out liner & sleeves, & vents galore. $199 retail I think.

Aerostich Darien. There are no substitutes.:thumbsup:

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