Hey Cueball

GREAT video footage of Moab. Is there more? Can I get a CD with hours worth of pics and entertainment?


Mitch, where did you get the video file from? Can you send it to me or is it too big? One more question, are you going to the Blue Light Ride on Nov 19?


Grum :)

Hey there Grum, goto: TT Ride '01 - Calgary posting. It is one of the last posts from Cueball.

As far as the Blue Light Ride on the 19th of November. I will consider it as I have another event on the same day. A friend of mine has acquired some entry forms for the Morewell uphill event on the same day. They block of a stretch of road, similar to the Black Spur, nice tight and twisty. Time trials are then run. The event is part of a vintage uphill classic that we will be entering Super Motards. I figure I should be able to win this event. HOPEFULLY.

If this event falls through, i will certainly make an effort for the Blue Light.


Mitch, that wasn't the good stuff. That is a little feature of the Photopoint site that makes a "movie" of the image files that you upload. Darryl (Pumpkin Hoser) had taken about 4 rolls of film.

We did get about 4 hours of video via the Helmetcam, that KerryT will be editing for us. I've sent the cassettes to him, since he has the necessary editing tools.

I understand that he'll be combining stills & video and making copies available??? KerryT - care to defend yourself?


The plan for the video "ThumperTalk Demons of Moab" is to edit out all the crap and cut it down to a resonable time. Then, add music to it and I also hope to put some stills on it. This process may take some time so be patient. The tape will be available on VHS.

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