Best exhaust for 2001 yz426f?

I just bought this bike about 2 weeks ago, upgraded from an o4 yz250f. The bike is wicked nice, I was just wondering what everyone here recommends for a full exhaust system, and is there much of a gain by doing a pipe filter and jet kit on these machines? Its has the 03 cam in it and runs beautifully, and other good upgrades you guys have please tell me, thanks and have a good one.

Ive got an FMF powercore4 with the stock head pipe on mine. Its better than stock, but if I had it to do over again, I would buy the q series. Just a little quiter.

Im running a full titanium Yosh RS-3 and I love it, everyone compliments the sound.

I've rode with the stock exhaust, yoshimura, and FMF on my 426. The stock exhaust had no hit compared to either aftermarket exhaust. The Yoshi made a lot of mid range power, but the quality was sub-standard, it fell apart after a year of use. I now have the FMF Titanium 4 with the powerbomb header. The FMF system makes really broad, smooth power. It doesn't hit as hard as the Yoshi, but I like the broader power. Also, I've had the FMF for a couple of years and its holding up great. :thumbsup:

How about Dr. D slip ons or full systems? Does anyone have any experiance with these on 426's??

Thats a sweet bike, it sounds $$. Has anyone had any experience with the carbon fiber shorty gytr system from yamaha? And also has anyone here heard of "Thunder alley" exhaust systems, I was wondering how they stack up against the rest. Thanks for your responses

thanks man!

hehe i think im gonna have to start it up today, just so i can hear it.

dr d full system works real good on my 426

I bought my bike with a white bros. e series pipe, but it was trashed so i went with an fmf q2 and powerbomb header. I kid you not, it made a world of difference! It turned my 426 into a new bike.... very exciting.... oh and its pretty quiet! FMF makes quality shit!

Honestly after using the titanium Yosh full system, my full DRD and full E-series are just collecting dust in the garage...the sound is better, weighs 1/3 as much as either and the power gain is rediculous.

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