New, cheaper seats available from SDG

In the latest Cycle News, which I just received for free, there is an advertisement for replacement MX seats available.

check it out @:

Their advertised price is $85, which includes everything, including the base.

phone: 714-258-1224

Our "internet wall" came up here at work, so I cannot check it out at this time. But you can!


99 WZ, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1 SA, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards. Canada for 2001...???

I run the SDG seats on my mountain bikes. They rule!. The kevlar covers last the longest of any seat I have tried, by far, and they are light. When you buy them you have to check the box to see if there is anything inside!

They get $85.00 for their mountain bike seats, so I was a little suprised that they are claiming about the same for a motorcycle seat that would require way more materials. Then I remembered the mountain bike seats have titanium rails.......

$90.00 is a very good price for a complete seat if you consider the $125.00 for the base, $50.00 for the foam, and $50.00 for the cover.

I think they will sell alot of these!!!

No kidding!!! Can't wait til they come out I was getting ready to buy one from IMS, almost ordered it today. I think I'll wait. I have one of their seats on my mountain bike. A bitchin' company, I know they do custom covers (colors and styles...) for their mountain seats I am assumming they will do the same for the moto one. Thanks Kevin!!!


Thanks for the tip. Spoke to Jerry at SDG. He said their new YZ400/426 seat will weigh 1.5 lbs less than stock. They are using a water-proof superlight closed-cell foam currently used in the medical industry.

Per Jerry, the seat firmness will be similar to the stock YZF'er.

The YZF seat won't be available until December/January but worth the wait if you're interested in shaving 1.5 lbs for $90!

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